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Hi, I'm Estie Alessandrini

Mom of two lively kids and a passionate health and parenting coach. My knowledge as a physician combined with extensive medical research experience, allows me to help others conquer a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Together we will create a HEALTH & HAPPINESS plan to successfully manage your overall health and wellbeing. And it's super easy when you learn how to implement simple yet effective success actions to help your entire family thrive without the stress and overwhelm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to invest in the program if I do the discovery call?

Absolutely not. If for any reason we are not a good fit I will inform you and no moneys will be due.

Will I be charged for doing the discovery call?

No, it's completely free to see if we want to work together.

Will I receive free coaching or advice during the discovery call?

No, the discovery call is simply a casual chat to see if we are a good fit to work together in an extensive coaching program.