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Free access to our monthly 90-minute live CLEVER learning workshop worth $149.

During these interactive workshops, we all get together and discover new ways to help kids improve academic achievement using advanced learning strategies.

Join us live, follow the teaching session and then get all your learning questions answered. And, leave the workshop with a fully fletched blueprint of how to implement the brain-based learning strategy discussed, either at home or in the classroom.

And of course, there are some juicy VIP-only bonuses to help you streamline the learning processes and keep you motivated. It's all about saving you time and making your life as a parent or educator easier.

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Estie Alessandrini
Estie Alessandrini

Hi there, I am Estie. Dedicated mommy blogger at

My experience as a mommy of two gorgeous kids, combined with with my knowledge as a physician and passion for brain based learning, allows me to empower you with unique, research-based insights on trending kids learning, parenting and health topics.

"My kids don't receive education in their mother tongue, Afrikaans, nor in their second language English. I've successfully integrated them into school life in a foreign country in a new and third language, French!

And I would love to share my successes and shortcuts to also help you effectively educate your child.

I am so happy to have you here and can't wait to get to know you better!"

Frequently Asked Questions

In what format is the course available?
The CLEVER Learning Club is a monthly membership of like-minded parents and educators who want to help their kids excel not only in school but also in life. We share, discuss, and master brain-based learning processes and teach kids to be logical thinkers because knowing how to use both cognitive and metacognitive learning skills helps them be determined problem-solvers. The club program starts in January 2020. And if you're reading this it means you are joining during the pre-launch at a never to be repeated discount and will receive full access during the launch.
How long do I have access to the product?
The club is an ongoing monthly membership and you will be charged monthly unless you make use of a discounted annual plan. You can join or leave the club whenever you want.
What if I am unhappy with the product?
We would never want you to be unhappy! Contact us with any problem. Monthly charges are however not refunded. You can terminate your subscription at the end of any paid month.
What does PRELAUNCH access mean?
When joining the CLEVER learning club during the prelaunch you get instant access at a never to be repeated membership discount and full access to the entire sequence and its bonuses during the launch in January 2021.
Does CLEVER learning strategies for any age child?
Yes, the brain-based learning processes are perfect for learning at any age. In the club, we focus on kids between the age of 2 and 16, including age-specific activities and worksheets.
Is the CLEVER learning club for me or my kids?
Both, but the focus of the CLEVER learning club is being a safe space where parents and educators can find trustworthy learning tools and tips and share experiences in a like-minded community. We learn how to best help kids learn both at home and in the classroom. You will learn how to support their learning today and for the rest of their lives.